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Chic Clean

Chic Happens with Chic Home Cleaning Services

At Chic Clean, we offer customized cleaning of homes and cottages in the Orillia area. Chic cleaning services are thorough, consistent and customized. Our home cleaning services are available weekly, every other week, monthly or one-time.

On every visit, Chic Clean will leave your home smelling and sparkling clean. Using our own equipment and specially formulated products, such as essential oil room spray, no detail is overlooked. We will thoroughly disinfect, clean and shine every surface in your kitchen, bathrooms and mudroom as well as dust, vacuum and mop your entire home.

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Abode North

Quality Home Builders

At Abode North, we believe that engaging the right builder to construct your new home or cottage is an important step in the process of realizing your building goals. Our positive and dedicated approach ensures as professionals, that we are working with you and for you, in all aspects of the construction process.

From lot analysis, to design, through selections, and on to construction and closing... no other builder has the expertise, talent or systems that we provide. The result is a building experience that is as exciting and rewarding as the final product.

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